Vaibhav Mishra  |  Advocate

Hon'ble Supreme Court of India

Published on 02 November, 2018    Country: India

An Introduction

I am an Advocate practicing in Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court and Delhi District Courts. I currently appear and argue cases on behalf of C&C Associates, Advocates & Solicitors across all courts and forums. I have appeared previously on behalf of Delhi Development Authority ('DDA') in Delhi High Court. I am also a Panel lawyer for ITDC (India Tourism Development Corporation). I also pursue Arbitration and Mediation matters on behalf of DDA. 

I have appeared in the past on behalf of private companies such as DLF, Hiranandani Estates Group in the Supreme Court and other private entities such as D.R. John’s Lab Pvt. Ltd. and RSP Architects in the Delhi High Court and Delhi District Courts. 

I have experience in drafting Writ Petitions, Counter-Affidavits, Special leave Petitions, Rejoinders, Plaints, Written Statements, Evidence Affidavits,Replies, Replications, Applications Under Section 17 of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996, Applications Under Section 8 of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996. I have also conducted cross-examination and drafted questionnaires for the same.

I have briefed Senior Advocates on matters pertaining to Commercial & Company Law, Property Law, Trust Law, Taxation Law, Wills & Deeds, Limitation Law. I have also previously worked on scheme of arrangement for internal restructuring vide conversion of equity share capital into preference share capital under section 391-394 of the Companies Act, 1956.

As a Law Clerk in the Supreme Court of India I used to assist HMJ Shiva Kirti Singh on various matters pertaining to Commercial Law, Arbitration Law, Constitutional Law, Tax Law, Criminal Law and Environmental Law. 
I have done LLB course from Campus Law Center, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi and B.Com (H) from Zakir Husain College, University of Delhi. I have done my schooling from Modern School, Barakhamba Road and I am also pursuing Company Secretary (Professional Level, Module-4 cleared) course from ICSI.


TradeZippy.Com: How would you like to introduce yourself? Please tell us something about your pre-college life?

Advocate Vaibhav Mishra:  Hello everyone I am Vaibhav Mishra, working as an Advocate at C&C Associates, Advocates & Solicitors. I have been practicing as an advocate since 2013 before the Hon’ble Supreme Court, Delhi High Court and all district courts in Delhi and NCR Region. I studied LLB at Campus Law Center, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi and studied B.Com (Hons.) from Zakir Husain College, also from University of Delhi. I did my schooling from Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi and am a permanent resident of Delhi. What factors influenced you to choose law as a career? Why did you choose Campus Law Center, Faculty of Law and University of Delhi for pursuing LLB?

Advocate Vaibhav Mishra:  Law as a career and a profession is one of the toughest and also one of the most enjoyable. I did not want to become a lawyer initially and was a reluctant lawyer when I entered the profession, but slowly I recognized the scope and ventures which the profession provides by which one can earn a decent living and can also contribute towards the society

Viabhav Mishra With Dr Manmohan Singh Former Prime Minister of India and Sheela Dikshit

TradeZippy.Com: What all activities did you take part in during your time at law school? How important do you think is mooting for a law student?

Advocate Vaibhav Mishra:  During my time at Campus Law Center I was part of the Moot Court Society and Debating Society due to which I had the immense pleasure of representing my college at various events and competitions. I was also member of Students for Promotion of International Law and was the Secretary cum Acting President of Law Student Association of India.  Taking part in various activities such as mooting while studying at law school is important as it helps in developing practical skills of the person, especially if the person wants to join litigation in the field of law.  Not only does mooting hone the skills of a litigation lawyer, it also helps the person in dealing with various extraneous circumstances which one goes through in the profession.       

TradeZippy.Com:  What according to you are the problems in the present Indian legal education?

Advocate Vaibhav Mishra:  Pendency of cases is the biggest problem which I feel is causing hindrance in effective implementation of the justice system. The time period for any case/suit/writ petition/criminal complaint to get over is too long which disheartens any common layman who wants quick and effective remedy from the system. Increase in the number of judges in the judiciary is one step to cure this and I think there is a process being brought in to increase the number of judges.

Advocate Vaibhav Mishrra With Shri L.K. Adavani, former Deputy Prime Minister

TradeZippy.Com: What are the biggest challenges faced by Advocates and the first generation lawyers in the legal profession?

Advocate Vaibhav Mishra:  Like in any profession a first generation lawyer will face problems which his/her peers who come from established legal backgrounds won’t. But after the initial few years in the profession it all boils down to hard work of the individual and not his or her surname. If a person has good work ethics and is punctual in his/her work then nothing can stop him/her to achieve success. People who have a legal background also have to work as hard as others or sometimes may be more so as to establish themselves individually & distinctively.

Advocates are socially active due to the nature of the profession and thus have to face different kind of problems which people from other professions don’t.  Due to the inherent uncertainty in the profession nothing is permanent here. Lack of stability is the biggest problem which an Advocate (especially younger ones) face, but then that is also one of the reasons which keeps the fire in the belly due to which Advocates tend to work hard as ever and want to achieve more in the profession.

Advocate Vaibhav Mishrra With Shri Pranab Mukherjee, former President of India

TradeZippy.Com: How did you get a job at C&C Associates a law firm? Tell us about your life at C&C Associates?

Advocate Vaibhav Mishra:  I had applied for post of an Senior Associate in April, 2017 and after my interview I was selected. I have been here for one and a half years and its been an enjoyable time. I have learned a lot from my colleagues and seniors  and have good exposure in various different fields of law such as Arbitration, Insolvency & Bankruptcy, Civil Suits, Company law matters, Cheque Bouncing & Criminal Complaints, Domestic Violence cases, etc.      

TradeZippy.Com: Can you describe the most challenging issues you faced while practicing law and what you did to overcome the same?

Advocate Vaibhav Mishra:  Recently I was working on a matter where the client had received a notice from NDMC for closing down the property site after which a writ petition was urgently filed, mentioned and pleaded before the Hon’ble Delhi High Court to get the notice stayed. The same was allowed and due to the sheer pace of work at which it was done, it became one of the major accomplishments I had achieved. I also had the opportunity of arguing at National Company Law Tribunal, New Delhi which I enjoyed due to the fresh emergence of Insolvency & Bankruptcy which is slowly becoming one of the most established & prominent fields of law.

Also while working in the chamber of Mr. Ajay Verma, DDA, Senior Standing counsel I had the opportunity of working on many matters wherein for public good illegally encroached land was vacated and the same was then used for the welfare of the people. Such matters gave me immense work satisfaction.

Advocate Vaibhav Mishrra With Shri N K Singh Chairman of the 15th Finance Commission of India

TradeZippy.Com: According to you, how would litigation become more attractive to young lawyers?

Advocate Vaibhav Mishra:  I think litigation is in itself very attractive for young lawyers who enjoy arguing cases. However the remuneration for young lawyers in litigation is not much in the beginning, any improvement in this front would make the profession more viable for the ones joining the profession.   

TradeZippy.Com: What advice or suggestion would you like to give law students and young lawyers?

Advocate Vaibhav Mishra:  Keep working hard and persevere as there is no shortcut to success. There will be disappointments and ups & downs but the light at the end of the tunnel shall be worth it.    

TradeZippy.Com: What are your areas of specialization in the field of law?

Advocate Vaibhav Mishra: Property law, civil and commercial litigation including arbitration, Insolvency & Bankruptcy, etc.

Advocate Vaibhav Mishra Radha Mohan Singh, Agriculture Minister of India

TradeZippy.Com: In India, fresh law graduates join the offices of seniors to gain experience and exposure. Can you briefly describe your experiences of working under a senior lawyer?

Advocate Vaibhav Mishra: I enjoyed while working at the chamber of Mr. Ajay Verma, Sr. Standing Counsel for Delhi Development Authority (DDA).  I learned the fine nuances of litigation and court craftship as we had daily matter in Delhi High Court pertaining to land development and ownership. There are certain qualities which one can only learn at a Senior Counsel’s chamber, I surely learned and enjoyed the same here.

TradeZippy.Com: Please mention any of your work experience with private companies?

Advocate Vaibhav Mishra:  I have had the pleasure of representing various private clients such as CBRE India Pvt. Ltd., Caparo Financial Solutions, Gems Education Pvt. Ltd., Weatherford Asia Pacific PTE Ltd., DLF, Hiranandani Developers, D.R. John’s Labs Pvt. Ltd. Sri Avantika Contractors (I) Ltd., Globo Sports World etc.  at different courts and forums  across India.    

TradeZippy.Com: Lastly, what would be your parting message to our readers?

Advocate Vaibhav Mishra:  I thank Trade Zippy for giving me this platform and I wish Trade Zippy and its readers all the best for the future