Bhagat Singh Rajput  |  Proprietor

Stem Cell Research Center of India

Published on 31 October, 2018    Country: India

An Introduction to Dr. B.S. Rajput

Dr Rajput is a consultant orthopaedic & stem cell transplant surgeon, practicing for the last 34 years. He did graduation and post graduation in orthopaedic surgery from GSVM Medical college, Kanpur, India. He has been trained in various national and international centres of repute, including Royal Liverpool University hospital, UK, where he received specialized training in joint replacements. In the last 10 years he has developed a new branch of medical science in India as Stem cell transplantation and he has the credit of performing more than three thousand stem cell therapy cases till date.

He has shown definitive results of stem cell transplantation in the cases of Spinal cord injuryDuchenne muscular dystrophy, Osteo arthritis knee, Autism and cerebral palsy. He is also the pioneer in introducing clinical application of activated T – CELL Therapy , Dendritic cell Vaccine and N K Cell therapy for intractable cases of cancer in India.

Currently he is using autologous T- regulatory cells for chronic cases of Rheumatoid polyarthritis.

He has publications on the application of stem cells in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Osteo-arthritis knee and rheumatoid polyarthritis in peer reviewed international journals.

He has vast experience of using autologous as well as umbilical cord/ placenta derived stem cells in various clinical applications.

He is reviewer for American journal of medical sciences.

He has credit of being organising chair for the annual conferences of stem cell society of India, SCSICON 2016 & 2018.   He is Founder vice president of Stem cell society of India.

Profile of Dr. B.S. Rajput Stem Cell Transplant Surgeon in India

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