Dipesh Patel  |  Proprietor

Voks Associates

Published on 27 October, 2018    Country: India

Introduction to Dipesh Patel

VOKS Associates provides perfect advice on commercial, industrial , special purpose . Our objective is simple. We work through the many property investment options available to help clients build a safe profitable portfolio and create wealth through quality investment grade property.

Voks Associates is one of the most respected names in Indian Real Estate market. Our company’s phenomenal growth within two decades of existence can be attributed to our steadfast resolve to create ‘Real’ value for our clients. Voks Associates is recognized in the Industry for setting new benchmarks in client service; our client retention rate (more than 90%) is the biggest testimony to this fact.

Creating Real value in Business is the primary mission of our company. This is particularly important in Realty Industry, considering galloping cost of development and corresponding cost of acquisitions. By providing real value proposition to our client. Voks Associates has time and again managed to provide ‘fairest of the fair’ deals to our customers.

Interview of Dipesh Patel

TradeZippy.Com:  Can u please give an introduction of you and your company.
Dipesh Patel:  Hi I am BSCI Graduate and I had started Voks Associates in 2013 as Real Estate Company .

TradeZippy.com: How did you get in to the real estate consultancy business?
Dipesh Patel: Before starting voks i was working for sykes and ray equities as branch manager and i had hunt n closed deal for my company and it was 4 to 5 branches then it gave me future path as my friends were in this industry but it was all unmannered so i came in this industry from that till today going great northward.

TradeZippy.com: How would you say your academic background has helped you in the business?
Dipesh Patel: Yes what i had learned i had used in my professional life and still today i am on learning mode 

TradeZippy.Com: What all activities did you take part in during your time at school & college? 
Dipesh Patel: I was sport person and also was part of ncc and ncs .

TradeZippy.Com: What are the top 3 challenges one faces in the real estate business?
Dipesh Patel: 1. Unmannered and discipline 2. Lack of real estate knowledge  3. Corporate model n understanding requirements of clients. I had worked on this which help me lots .

TradeZippy.Com: What are the biggest challenges faced by Real Estate Consultant and Property Developers?
Dipesh Patel: Support from local bodies and govt . But Rera has been new hope for industry.

TradeZippy.Com: How has the real estate business changed over the years and what do you feel a realtor in 2019 will be like?
Dipesh Patel:
Unmannered business is now becoming crystal clear and transparent  also technology is giving it speed . 2019 as realtor i feel it will  be more competitive year and voks Associates loves competition. 

TradeZippy.Com: Are you planning to write any book in future on real estate sector?
Dipesh Patel: Not yet decided . Good suggestion will think over it.

TradeZippy.Com: One way you think realtors could be better organised?
Dipesh Patel: Yes team work and organized approach is the best way .

TradeZippy.Com: Do you use any tools or applications to organize your list of properties?
Dipesh Patel: Yes 

TradeZippy.Com: Can you describe the most challenging issues you faced and what you did to overcome the same?
Dipesh Patel: Every deal have different challenges and different issues so handle it with differently and never get down with unsuccess because it is leason for next deal.

TradeZippy.Com: A young couple is looking to buy an apartment. What kind of houses would you suggest to them? How would your approach be different from other cases?
Dipesh Patel:
 First i will understand there requirements for there drea. Home and then will suggest them with pics and details .

TradeZippy.Com: How is the demand in real estate segment? What are the growth drivers for real estate segment?
Dipesh Patel: Its growing and moving like tortoise but as u know tortoise always win . Advertising is growth driver and your website is best place .

TradeZippy.Com: What segment are you concentrating on more?
Dipesh Patel: As we are having mastery in commercial properties, now we looking to target co working space 

TradeZippy.Com: According to you what kind of new technologies govern the real estate sector?
Dipesh Patel: LinkedIn Facebook Google seo are i think.

TradeZippy.Com: What are the expansion plans? Are you looking to explore new cities?
Dipesh Patel: Yes already we are on expansion mode and you will see voks Associates will be dealing pan India. 

TradeZippy.Com: Please mention any of your work experience with private companies?
Dipesh Patel: As we deals in commercial properties we had good opportunities to work with leading pvt ltd and ltd companies there are many recently we had closed deal of 20k sqft office space for rajasthan royal .

TradeZippy.Com: What measures you take for client convenience?
Dipesh Patel: Always try bring client in comfort zone .so it make him or her convenience about deal.

TradeZippy.Com: Lastly, what would be your parting message to our readers?
Dipesh Patel: Always learn from day to day work unlimited syllabus of management.

Facebook: Dipesh Patel Website: www.voks.in