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With over 15 years of experience, we firmly believe customer service is the 1st priority, and to deliver the highest quality of work to our clients in this field.
In order to work at such scale, we realize the importance of an effective production unit, equipped with the fastest and the most advance technology available to deliver the job on time maintaining the quality.
The In-house unit of GRAFIX is all set and geared up to take any size project from its designing to actual implementation.

LED Signs

A LED Sign as compared to a Neon Sign lasts longer due to the extended life of a LED module or bulb in it. A LED Sign provides significant energy savings unlike a Neon Sign thatis known to run up high power bills. A LED Sign is unbeatable in its brightness and uniformity across a Signage.

A LED Sign can be programmed with combination of nearly 16 million colours and designs that can be created to match varied business requirement. This gives a LED Sign the virtue of creating visuals that are unbelievably appealing to the eye.

Channel Letters

Channel Letter Signs have set a new trend in the marketing and brand recognition tools area. Channel Letter Signs are a good choice for many applications.
Every letter in Channel Letter Signs has an individual structure and lighting set up. Channel Letter Signs can be manufactured in almost any font, size and colour, which allows the signage to be exactly as per need.
LED’s are growingly being used more to illuminate Channel Letter Signs than Neon due to the overall look and life of the Channel Letter Signs.

ACP Backlit Signs

ACP stands for Aluminum Composite Panel. An ACP Signage uses ACP as its panel material with character’s made of other material either on top or behind the front of the panel. A typical ACP backlit Sign has letters cut into the Aluminum Composite Panel with coloured Acrylic sheets pasted from behind and lights inside the box of the signage.
The best light to use in ACP Backlit Signs is LED as the heats generated by LED’s are minimal as compared to traditional tube lights and also the power consumption is much lesser with LED’s.

Terrace Signs

Terrace Signs are large sized signs on top of buildings, towers, bridges, etc. where a business intends to attract the attention of the public from far away distances. Terrace Signs require huge support structures that are built and erected on site to support the weight of the signage. Smart Terrace Signs use only LED lights as consumption of power is very high and LED’s can keep that utilization at bare minimum.

2d/3d Steel Letters

Stainless Steel 3D Letters with Led Illumination
for interior as well as exterior signages.
These are available in customized options as
desired by the clients and are offered at industry
leading prices. these have high finishing that makes
it one of the most preferred choices amongst our buyers.

In Shop Branding

The most important advertising tool for any retailer is his own store. Every store will have its own In Shop Branding strategy and long term plan. In Shop Branding material is changed regularly to attract existing and new customers to the store. The most commonly used material in In Shop Branding is Vinyl with Digital Printing.
In Shop Branding comprises of close up pictures of the products for customers to get a live size look at the product.
In Shop Branding are mainly counters pasted with pictures of products showing offers, discounts, etc.

Glow Sign Boards

Glow Sign Boards are made with a fabricated structure with either flex or acrylic for the front. Glow Sign Boards have either digital printing or vinyl for the information on the board. Normally Glow Sign Boards use tube lights behind the main faceto light up the signage and make it readable at nights.

Thermoformed Signs

Thermoformed Signs are made using heat and pressure to compress plastic into a mold which creates a raised letter or sign. Size, height and shape of the letter or sign can be tightly controlled to make these Thermoformed Signs.
The outcome of Thermoformed Signs are characters perfectly rounded in shape and height. Thermoformed Signs is the Holy Grail in Signage’s and gives the most elegant and polished look to any signage.


Pylon Signs are freestanding signs with visible or enclosed support structures. Pylon Signs are ideal to attract pedestrian attention. Pylon Signs communicate the message of multi-tenant business complexes all together in one. Pylons Signs are mostly used at shopping malls, business complexes, restaurants, hotels, etc. Pylons Signs can be both lit and non-lit, depending on its location

Directions signs

Directions signs are used in different locations from highways to hospitals, large offices to schools and multi-level complexes. Direction Signs typically read ‘Washroom’ or on a highway a large sign with arrows and distances showing directions to multiple cities.

Some Direction Signs are also mandatory and those are Called ISO signs which are typically a compulsion in factories, hotels, hospitals, etc. as per the countries standard safety guidelines.

Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Wrap or Wrap Advertising is a term used in marketing where a vehicle is completely or partially wrapped with advertisement material of a business. Vehicle Wraps convert a vehicle into a moving billboard.
Vinyl sheets are the most commonly used material in Vehicle Wraps, as they can be easily removed which helps in changing advertisements.
Vehicle wraps are normally used for buses, trains or smaller tempo like vehicles. Cars are also being used for this type of advertisement with Vehicle Wraps.

CNC Router / Laser Cutting

We provides custom made CNC
laser & CNC Router Cutting
We are a one stop solutions for all your interior,
exterior designing and architectural needs.
Choose your Design, Material type,
Thickness and Size.

UV Printed Fabric Signs

Frameless LED Light Boxes using Backlit
Fabric are different than traditional light boxes,
Where the graphic is snapped into place with a frame.
To achieve the frameless appearance, the edges of
The graphic are sewn with a silicone beading that tucks
into the perimeter of the light …


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