Established In March, 2016

Mr. Jainendra Agrawal


D-124, Jawahar Nagar, Bharatpur, Bharatpur, Bharatpur, Bharatpur, 321001, Rajasthan, India

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MediaTechTemple, technology driving company which focusing on traditional as well as Innovation solutions.
We are providing integrated solutions as most beneficial for our client. We are focusing on IT Solutions, Marketing Solutions, Tele Solutions, and Advertisement. We provide customized products and solutions to meet your goals.
At MediaTechTemple, we believe that our partnership led service approach, addresses the critical components that ensure a long-term successful strategy for our clients.

Bulk SMS Service

As there are millions of users of mobile phones in India, SMS is providing you to reach a wide spectrum of people. Therefore, we provide a variety of options to reach them. SMS also being used to ease your work as a reminder, status, and notifications.

These facilities are getting popular as ensure reaching a customer with the most cost-effective. It will reduce the cost of your advertisement and promotions drastically.

Basically, SMS services are providing are being divided into two categories by TRAI (Telecom Regularity of India), and we provide both.



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